FARNHAM A North Yorkshire Village

St Oswald’s Farnham

During the past months we have observed BT Openreach working in Farnham and from the end of March, Superfast Broadband has been available to Farnham villagers.  If you want to sign up, first check whether you are on a fixed term contract with your existing broadband provider which may have exit fees which effectively force you to stay with them.  Use a comparison website. Note there are 2 sorts of fibre broadband available:- unlimited and capped at ~ 38Mbps Decide which you want and who has the lowest price with acceptable service- both will be better than existing . ‘Which’ is good for service ratings.You may be able to persuade your existing provider to match or almost match the lowest price of the competition and avoid the hassle of switching provider.
Thank you Pamela for organising this annual event.
Here’s to the next time!
A great place to live!
Thanks to the Landlord and staff of the Crown at Roecliffe for the warm welcome and good food and service

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Over forty villagers and friends of Farnham ventured as far as The Crown at Roecliffe, for the annual Village Christmas Supper. There was, as usual, much merriment, considerable eating and commensurate drinking!