FARNHAM A North Yorkshire Village

St Oswald’s Farnham

During the past months we have observed BT Openreach working in Farnham and from the end of March, Superfast Broadband has been available to Farnham villagers.  If you want to sign up, first check whether you are on a fixed term contract with your existing broadband provider which may have exit fees which effectively force you to stay with them.  Use a comparison website. Note there are 2 sorts of fibre broadband available:- unlimited and capped at ~ 38Mbps Decide which you want and who has the lowest price with acceptable service- both will be better than existing . ‘Which’ is good for service ratings.You may be able to persuade your existing provider to match or almost match the lowest price of the competition and avoid the hassle of switching provider.
MJT reported recent planning matters:
8.1Rock Cottage Farm - demolition of some buildings, new entrances, and the erection of 9 dwellings, to include 3 Affordable houses.
Parish neither approve nor oppose, but request assurances from YW and HBC on means of disposal of Foul and Surface water. This has been passed, although conflicting responses had been received from Yorkshire Water on the issue. Michael Denny has offered to hold a meeting in the village to discuss the drainage status.
 8.2 Manor Cottage Shaw Lane Farnham - erection of one Dwelling.
Parish neither approve nor oppose.
Request was made for positioning to be moved across site to maintain light to cottage situated behind the proposed large dwelling.
Also concern for bats and owls was not mentioned in the application.
8.3 Throstle Nest - Conversion of Storage Building to form a Dwelling
Refused by HBC. Further proposals for up to 5 properties have been submitted, with more detailed plans on drainage / sewerage.
8.4 Planning Enforcement Case 16/00313/PR15
Paddock to the north east of spinner Lodge  Beech Close Farnham -
Construction of timber buildings and Summer House on concrete base plus a breeze block structure.
The person has contacted The Chairman for advice and will be submitting retrospective permission request to HBC.
Councilor Duxbury (ND) summarized HBC key issues locally –
9.1 The sale of HBC’s existing offices is likely to complete within 3 months at a price of £6million.
9.2 Broadband – ND’s belief is that Farnham will be connected to superfast broadband soon. We explained the difficulty we were having in getting any response re the likely timing and ND promised to see if he could get some clarification.
9.3 ND has been putting NYCC under pressure to report on road repairs in Claro ward, as NYCC seem to have no plan. He asked Parishioners to report to him any repairs we believe are necessary.
9.4 Planning – Harrogate district needs 573 new houses pa to meet its plan.
Attenders expressed their serious concerns that the scale of housing judged achievable in the HBC land availability assessment (see item 5, 9c above) is wholly disproportionate to the existing village size (70 houses) and do not appear to take account of road safety issues, inadequacy of drainage, services etc in the area or of the criteria supposedly used to assess land suitability.
ND  said that in his view 43 houses on the proposed site was excessive for the size and facilities of the village and asked that the Parish presents its views to him so that he can follow it up.
We will need to assemble the information to make our case when the HBC plan goes out to public consultation.
10.1. The BT box is filthy, but it is not the Parish’s responsibility to clean it. The Chairman will be asked to find out whose duty it is and contact them.
10.2 The bench on the village green is in need of maintenance. Various offers were made to do this, but Grace has since had the work carried out (many thanks to Grace).
10.3 Diary dates –
Quiz night – Friday 21 October
Village Christmas dinner – Friday 9 December
Carol Service – 22 December
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