A North Yorkshire

St Oswald’s Farnham

Parish Meeting Minutes

6.4 Regulatory changes
Although no external audit is needed because income and expenditure are both below £25000 for the year the Meeting will continue to prepare its Annual Governance and Accountability Return, which will be copied on the village notice board and website, and the public will continue to have the right to inspect the records during a given period each year. The Treasurer stated that the Meeting needed to formally agree the exemption and authorize the Chairman to sign the completed exemption form. Anne Wylie proposed and Peter Linney seconded a motion giving that authority. This was passed unanimously.
7.1 Garage demolition and 2 room extension at Clematis Cottage. No Parish objections. No decision yet.
7.2 Rock Cottage – 3 to 5 extra houses. Parish objected. Application refused.
7.3 Rock Cottage – 9 dwellings with outline permission. Various drainage issues. Malcolm Staveley has raised objections to lodged plans. 3rd party rights not yet dealt with. No decision yet.
Brian Milburn asked if Farnham would receive commuted sums for monies paid by the developers to escape the requirement to build affordable houses. Councillor Metcalfe said no decisions made yet. She will email the HBC case officer’s comments
for circulation within Farnham.
8.1 Yorkshire Water still promising to supply water butts to people who requested them. It seems to be keeping to the arrangement to clean out gullies on a regular basis.
8.2 The major drainage issues relate to Rock Cottage. Malcolm Staveley has made 2 detailed responses to HBC.
9.1 Brian Milburn expressed extreme concern over the danger to life from vehicles speeding through the village, around blind bends and driving over footpaths, with no concern for pedestrian safety. It was agreed that Community Speed Watch is an option worth investigating. NYCC are apparently more understanding than previously about villages using speed limit signs, but costings are still an issue.
9.2 The track between the village green and Farnham Lodge is in poor repair. Michael Taylor agreed to contact NYCC Highways Dept to see if any work can be done.
The new bus timetable from 28 April has same operator and similar frequency to the present one (download at yorkbus.co.uk/cmsuploads/route/files/2223March19WEB.pdf)
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