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St Oswald’s Farnham

Farnham Parish Meeting

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Wednesday  4  July 2018
At St Oswalds Church
As the previous chairman, Brian Milburn, retired at the end of the meeting in April, at least 6 people are required to call the next Meeting. The Meeting was called by more than the required 6 people. The first action, as required, was to appoint a new Chairman.
1 .Election of Chairman
 Michael Taylor proposed  and Brian Milburn seconded the appointment of John Hooper as Chairman. This was unanimously agreed.
John Hooper then took the chair and thanked the previous chairman Brian Milburn for his exemplary work on behalf of the Parish over his years as Chairman.
2. Election and responsibilities of other officers
As the new Chairman does not have the time to carry out the detailed work on behalf of the Parish that the prior Chairman undertook, and it has proved impossible to find someone else to do all of that work, it was proposed that the main duties of the Parish be divided into smaller sections, with someone allocated to each responsibility, as follows:
Treasurer – to undertake financial duties and administrative work, such as minute taking and completing the Parish Annual Return;
Water and Drainage – to include contacts with Yorkshire Water and Highways Agency as regards these matters;
Planning – to overview planning matters and review any planning applications, seeking the views of parishioners and submitting the Parish representation;
Road Safety – to monitor road safety issues and raise these with relevant authorities;
Public Transport – monitoring and as necessary submitting representations on public transport issues;
Cheque signing – in addition to the Chairman and Treasurer, the immediate past Chairman be retained as a cheque signatory.
Responsibility for other issues that arise from time to time will be allocated as necessary.

Anne Wylie proposed and Malcolm Staveley seconded a motion that this be adopted as the method of carrying out Parish business. This was passed unanimously.
Minutes P 2