FARNHAM A North Yorkshire Village

St Oswald’s Farnham

During the past months we have observed BT Openreach working in Farnham and from the end of March, Superfast Broadband has been available to Farnham villagers.  If you want to sign up, first check whether you are on a fixed term contract with your existing broadband provider which may have exit fees which effectively force you to stay with them.  Use a comparison website. Note there are 2 sorts of fibre broadband available:- unlimited and capped at ~ 38Mbps Decide which you want and who has the lowest price with acceptable service- both will be better than existing . ‘Which’ is good for service ratings.You may be able to persuade your existing provider to match or almost match the lowest price of the competition and avoid the hassle of switching provider.

Farnham Parish Meeting

Don't just live here, be a real villager and attend your Parish meetings, each Spring and Autumn’

Tuesday  18  October 2016
At St Oswalds Church
Michael Taylor (MJT) explained that Brian Milburn was unable to attend because of  illness, and had asked him to deputise  as Chairman of this Meeting to report on the matters Mr Milburn had included in the Agenda. MJT thanked Mr Milburn for all his work for the Parish and then welcomed all attendees including Councilor Nick Duxbury.
Apologies for absence were read out and the meeting was quorate.
3. There were no declarations of interest.
4. MINUTES of MEETING of 19 April 2016
Bryan Dixon proposed and Peter Linney seconded a motion accepting the minutes as a true record of the previous meeting. This was passed unanimously.
Item 9.2 – Land Availability Assessments
MJT reported that HBC planners had adjudged the three sites submitted for assessment of suitability for development as follows:
a) One dwelling at Manor Cottage, Shaw Lane – planning has now been applied for. The Parish neither supported nor opposed the application, but requested assurances re foul and surface water drainage. Passed without conditions.
b) Greenfied site north of Farnham Lane (FH3 on attached HBC report) – adjudged not suitable for development.
c) Greenfield site in middle of village that the Parish had requested be maintained as green space (FH2 on attached HBC report) – adjudged potentially suitable, with mitigation, for up to 43 houses over a period 5 to 10 years in the future. (See items 8.1 and 9.4 below)
6.1 The Treasurer reported that the external audit of the Annual Return for the year ending 1 March 2016 had been completed without comment. She thanked Barrie Cawood for his work on internal audit.
6.2 The Treasurer mentioned that the village grass was presently cut 6 times a year and recommended that this was increased to 10 cuts, in line with the church grass cutting, which the Parish pays for. Assuming this was approved, the Treasurer recommended an increase of the Parish Precept request to £1700 (previously £1650).  John Hooper proposed and Patrick Bailey seconded acceptance of these recommendations. This was agreed unanimously.
6.3 The Treasurer mentioned that HSBC had shut its branch in Knaresborough. If this proves inconvenient, it may be necessary to move the Parish Bank account to another bank.
There was no report at the Meeting as Neil Staff was unable to attend on this occasion.Quiz night – Friday 21 October
Village Christmas dinner – Friday 9 December
Carol Service – 22 December
Next Meeting – 18 April 2017 (Chairman to confirm)
Minutes P 2