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St Oswald’s Farnham



Michael Taylor reported his continuing frustration that, despite many reminders, he had yet to receive any response on the resiting of 30 mph signs at the entrances to the village, despite one of the signs on the Ferensby Road having been removed entirely, thus invalidating the speed limit. Highways Dept keep blaming the Police for the delay.

Proposals for speed signs at the village entrance cannot be finalised and costed until the new location of the 30 signs is known.

The Meeting instructed Michael Taylor to ask our MP Andrew Jones to see if he could expedite the matter.


As Malcolm Staveley was unable to attend the Chairman presented his report, as follows:


YW issued a discourteous ‘final’ note to Malcolm saying they were unwilling to continue to discuss how to relieve SW (surface water) flooding of the combined foul sewer with us.

On the advice of our MP he has put a formal complaint to the CCW who act as a sort of ombudsman for water complaints. This requests that YW acknowledge that the sewer in Farnham has acted as a combined sewer since before privatisation and that they were remiss in removing the storm overflow without properly considering the resultant flooding or mitigation measures. He has had an acknowledgement on 1 3 21 and a phone discussion with Leanne of CCW on 12 3 21.

Malcolm had a reply from CCW yesterday, 28 04 21, in which CCW said they believed YW had resolved our issues above. In fact YW just obfuscated by repeating what they had said before, denying all the above and failing to address any of our issues in a logical way. 

If the meeting agree, Malcolm will try to enlighten CCW to persuade YW to address our issues with logic rather than denying responsibility for what they inherited. 

The Meeting agreed that Malcolm should approach CCW again.

NYCC have still not replied to our request of last October re maintenance of the highways drainage system. Malcolm will follow this up again.

HBC, replying to a complaint that tarmaccing the grass verges to Highfield would increase the SW in the combined foul sewer, said that ground conditions in Farnham consist of heavy clay soils so the verges were unlikely to have had significant permeability.

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