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St Oswald’s Farnham


The same engineer was persuaded to accept an unattributed permeability result for the pond draining SW from the 9 house development SW which is typical of the most permeable soils - sandy gravel. These inexplicably totally contradictory opinions both intended to justify doing nothing to minimise SW flooding should concern us all.   

Public Transport

The bus stop opposite Whingarth is finally useable again but most users are still averse to using the bus service which is often running empty. We can only hope that passenger numbers revive if Covid is tamed or NYCC may withdraw the subsidy


1)Michael Taylor raised the possibility of asking for double yellow lines to be placed at the bottom of Shaw Lane, opposite the village green, to prevent parking which has meant that large lorries are driving onto to the village green and causing erosion or that they are trapped at the top of the road unable to get passed to reach their destination. It was agreed to delay discussion of this until the next Meeting to allow more people to express their opinions on the issue as there is no ideal solution.

2)Shirley Hooper mentioned that the dig in the house building site in Scotton had unearthed a Medieval property and pottery. They were hoping to get an archaeologist to formally assess the importance of their discoveries.

3)Pam Taylor mentioned the names of new villagers who had recently moved into Wheelhouse Farm, Robert and Kelly Carass, her mother Pam and children Caitlin and Kyle. Hopefully villagers will have the opportunity to meet them at future village gatherings. A village picnic in someone’s garden or village meals at local pubs are to be planned when covid restrictions are fully removed.

Michael Taylor suggested that in view of the expansion in the village, as well as email, notice board and website publicity for future events, a mail drop would be made before the next village Meeting to new houses.

4) Next Farnham Parish Meeting – Tuesday 2 November 2021 at St Oswalds Church.

(Note that no further Video Meetings can take place without primary legislation, this having been the decision in a court case taken by the Local Authorities Association.)

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