A North Yorkshire

St Oswald’s Farnham

Parish Meeting

13b) The Chairman had received a defensive response from Treves lawyers to his letter about the noise pollution, but Ben Galaud has subsequently reported that Treves had fitted a silencer to the machine which had been creating the noise.

Action on other matters is on hold because of the coronavirus emergency.


1)The Treasurer reminded the Meeting that, as in prior years, the Meeting needed to follow a designated order of approval of governance and accounts matters.

First the internal audit report needed to be considered. Barrie Cawood had carried out his internal audit, had reported no matters of concern and had signed the internal audit section of the Parish Annual Return. Jonathan Wilkinson proposed and Brian Milburn seconded a motion accepting the internal audit report. This was passed unanimously.

2) The Meeting was then reminded of the system of governance and internal controls, which were unchanged from the previous year as there have been no changes in the circumstances of the Parish. Anne Wylie then proposed and Shirley Hooper seconded a motion formally approving the annual governance statement in the annual return. This was passed unanimously.

3) The Meeting then considered the Accounting Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020 and the Treasurer outlined the reasons for any changes from the previous year. Brian Milburn then proposed and Jonathan Wilkinson seconded a motion approving the accounting statements for the year. This was passed unanimously.

4) The Treasurer reminded the Meeting that the Parish Meeting was not required to have an external audit for the year because both its income and expenditure were below £25000 for the year, but it will continue to make documents available for public inspection.

Barrie Yates then proposed and Anne Wylie seconded a motion formally agreeing the exemption and authorising the Chairman to sign the exemption form for submission to the external auditors. This was passed unanimously.

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