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Lessons and Carols at St. Oswald’s 2018

Re Rock Cottage development, in response to Parish Meeting concerns, YW promised in Feb 2018 that this will discharge to the main road foul sewer, not the Beech Close leg.
Michael Taylor reported that the cost of installing 2 speed cameras would be approx £5000 and unless a substantial private donation is received, the Parish is unlikely to have sufficient funds to install them.
The use of a chicane to control entry speed into the village was also discussed.
Zoe Metcalfe said evidence would be needed to justify any contribution from HBC. Another potential source of funds might be commuted sums from the new housing in progress. Zoe Metcalfe will check whether Farnham will receive any. Michael Taylor will check with Ferrensby, who are using hand held cameras to check vehicle speeds, whether this is producing useful evidence.
Malcolm Staveley reported that Farnham’s bus service is subsidised by NYCC. The contract is due for renewal. He had replied to consultation saying the service is valued especially by those who cannot drive. Services are out for competitive tender (subject to EU rules) by early Oct.
At present only minor timetable changes are expected but decisions will be finalised by Jan 2019. If any unexpected major change is proposed it will be communicated to our NYCC councillor. In case this does not reach us, Malcolm will keep in touch with NYCC in Jan.
Zoe Metcalfe said that completion of the Harrogate Plan had been the key recent issue.  It can be viewed on line or at the library. Formal approval is now awaited from the Minister.
She then answered questions from the Meeting on a number of topics, including the present status of the proposed ring road. This will be discussed at an open public meeting at the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate at 9.30 am on Thursday 8 November. At this meeting 8 people will be allotted a short slot to speak on the subject. Anyone wishing to speak must register this intention in advance of the meeting.
1. The Meeting discussed the litter position in the village, and in particular the lack of a public litter bin on the village green. Zoe Metcalfe offered to ask HBC if they could supply a bin and, if so, whether they would also collect the rubbish or whether a villager would need to put the rubbish in a domestic bin. Nigel Chapman asked that villagers ensure that rubbish can not blow out of their own rubbish bins whilst awaiting collection.
2. The village Christmas dinner will take place on Friday 30 November at The Crown Inn, Roecliffe at 7 for 7.30 pm. Anyone who does not yet have the details can obtain them from Pam Taylor on 01423 340711.
Date of next Meeting – to be announced

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